About FertilityIQ

  • What type of information does FertilityIQ provide?

    FertilityIQ provides both educational courses and guides on every subject, as well as verified assessments on every US fertility doctor and clinic in the US. Our courses and lessons are built with experts from Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Johns Hopkins and more. These courses break down how experts approach each issue, decision, and controversy.

    The assessments you’ll find on FertilityIQ are provided by unsolicited fertility patients, the majority of whom have been verified. Our data includes assessments of doctors, nurses and clinics, as well as information on treatment plans, protocols and costs. To provide context, we include medical, demographic and psychographic data from each respondent.

  • How comprehensive Is FertilityIQ?

    FertilityIQ focuses on Reproductive Endocrinology and fertility specialists and does not emphasize generalist OBGYNs. We believe we have profiles for 98% of fertility doctors and clinics and have received assessments for 70% of doctors and 90% of clinics.

  • Why am I having trouble finding doctors and clinics in my area?

    We typically search for doctors and clinics within a 75 mile radius of the zip code or region you specified. If you do not see any results, this could be based on one of two issues. The first is that no fertility specialist practices within that radius, which is not uncommon as fertility clinics tend to cluster within the US. Secondly, there may well be a fertility specialist within a 75 mile radius but we have failed to account for them. That may be because we previously did not consider that doctor a fertility specialist, or because we made a mistake. Please let us know if you think we have made an omission. Finally, you may see clinicians for whom we have no data. In that case, we have yet to receive an evaluation for that doctor. If you know people who have been treated in your area, please encourage them to contribute an assessment so we can begin to aggregate data and help more people in your community.

  • How were the rating criteria developed?

    We worked with fertility patients, respected clinicians, and subject matter experts to determine the best questions to ask, and the most thoughtful way to display our data. Our rating criteria includes best practices used in the consumer retail and medical industries and were informed by experts in the fields of fertility, data science, customer satisfaction, human psychology, and design.

  • What are some of your scores and how are they tabulated?

    The first type of scores we provide are simply averages of how patients answered certain questions. For example, the overall recommendation score shows the average, on a 0-10 scale, of how likely patients were to recommend a given doctor or clinic to a friend. We also provide proprietary scores that we have combined from several data points. For example, our score on doctor response time combines data on the duration that patients waited to hear back from a doctor or clinic when they called, and how long it took to schedule an appointment when they needed to be seen. Our score on attention to detail takes into account the volume and severity of medical and clerical errors that patients reported. In doctor and clinic profile pages, you can simply hover over any score or bar chart to learn more about that metric.

  • Is FertilityIQ influenced by doctors or clinics?

    Our only priority is to serve fertility patients. We do not accept marketing dollars from fertility doctors or clinics and do not allow them to either provide, or influence, content. At times we have conferred with doctors to ensure some of our medically-oriented questions were reasonably constructed.

    It's crucial to us to remain objective and to ensure the integrity of our content. This means you won't see advertisements on our site, nor do we accept any marketing dollars from third parties, including clinics.

  • What does The CDC Data Represent?

    We included success data published by the CDC. It is worth noting the CDC cautions readers from drawing comparison, likely given the data is 2–3 years old, comparing patient populations is challenging, and doctors and clinics may turn down hard cases or underreport. This success data represents the outcomes of intended egg retrievals that resulted in live birth deliveries when using a person's own eggs regardless of diagnosis. Our volume of total cycles includes both “fresh” and “frozen” cycles but the success data we display includes only “fresh” cycles. When a clinic has an insufficient volume of cycles within an age category (under 20), we mark data as “?” because the CDC does not represent this data in percentage form. All data is compared against the national average of clinics which perform a sufficient number of cycles within a category. It is common for clinics to merge and, as a result, we use the data that matches with the prevailing name of the clinic. We caution patients from reading too closely into this data as experts disagree on its reliability and utility.


  • How do you keep my information secure?

    We know that your experience is a deeply personal one. Your name will never appear publicly with your insights. We manage and store your assessments on Qualtrics, where security practices ensure that the information you provide remains secure.

  • Do you take my privacy seriously?

    We take your privacy seriously, as we know that you’re sharing a very personal experience. Your name, initials, and contact information will never be displayed, and your employer name will never be linked to your assessment, to keep your assessment anonymous to the public.

  • What is your Privacy Policy?

    We are committed to privacy and will never sell your name or contact information. You can see more details in our Privacy Policy.

  • What is your Terms of Use?

    You can review our Terms of Use here.

About My FertilityIQ Benefit

  • Can I access any course without a fee?

    Yes! Your company has purchased FertilityIQ as an benefit (a $2250+ value) which means there is no cost to you to access any and all of our course and assessment information. (You can send them a note of thanks!)

  • Can I personalize my experience?

    Absolutely. We’d love to show you courses and lessons we think you’d most relate to. To do so, simply click “Account” in the upper right hand corner. Once there, under “My Interests”, click “Edit” and answer a few questions to help us personalize your experience. You can make changes and update this at any time. (And no! Your employer does not have access to this information. It’s completely confidential – we value your privacy!)

  • How do I update my email address?

    If you’d like to change your log-in email address once you’ve registered, simply pop over to "Account" on the right hand side, and make the change!

  • How do I add two other support-people through my account?

    You can add up to two additional support-people to your account when activiating your membership.

    If you need to make any additions after creating your account, you can go to "Account" in the upper right corner and scroll to the "My Invites" section. There, you can add users, see who is pending an invite, and revoke access to an invitee.

  • Will support-people be able to access my information?

    No. Your support add-on’s will be emailed to create their own account that will be completely separate from yours.

  • I have a specific question and can’t find the answer. Who should I contact?

    We are here to help! One of our FertilityIQ team members can answer your questions – simply email us at info@fertilityiq.com.

  • I love FertilityIQ and want to share it with a friend experiencing infertility. How do I do that?

    Your company has purchased exclusive access to FertilityIQ for you, however there are limited free resources available to the public at fertilityiq.com. Courses can be purchased individually or in bulk from the public page.

  • I wish you had a course on ____________. Where can I give that feedback?

    We’d love your ideas and feedback! Send us an email to info@fertilityiq.com so we can hear about them (and maybe let you know when said course is coming out!).