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Introductory Courses

IVF - In Vitro Fertilization

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The most complex fertility treatment, this course will help you do it right the first time.

Fertility 101

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You took sex ed, but now you need to understand fertility. Data to answer your questions about natural conception and diagnosing what might be wrong.

Mental Health & Fertility

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Breaking down every important topic relating to mental health & fertility. We cover data around anxiety, depression, and stress as they relate to fertility & fertility outcomes. Studies on relaxation techniques & SSRI antidepressants. Tools for managing relationships with your partner, family, friends, & co-workers

Lifestyle Choices, From Diet To Supplements

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All the data on lifestyle choices and their impact on fertility, including decisions around diet, exercise, drinking alcohol, caffeine consumption, smoking, recreational drugs, and using supplements.

IUI or "Artificial Insemination"

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Data on IUI success rates depending on who you are, what it costs, the risks, and how to decide between doing IUI and IVF.


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How to navigate miscarriage & ectopic pregnancy. Diagnostics; beta hCG; surgical vs. medical vs. natural options; genetic testing; and emotionally coping.

Egg Freezing

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Preparing you to be a confident self-advocate as you make decisions around fertility preservation.


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This course covers the crucial steps of domestic infant adoption, including the home study, locating expectant parents, validating the social medical history form, as well as preparing the hospital plan and post-adoption steps. We cover the total costs, timelines as well as crucial factors post-adoption.

Foster Care 101

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In this course we'll cover the steps to starting the foster process, how to help children who've suffered emotional and physical trauma, how to navigate transracial challenges, what the process looks like for single and LGBTQ individuals, and the process of adopting through the foster care system.

Workplace Guide to Fertility: For Colleagues

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This workplace guide is meant for colleagues to better understand what their co-workers or employees are going through when they need to undergo fertility treatments. Includes sensitivity training on what to say and not to say when a co-worker is going through infertility or needs fertility treatments to build their family

Managing Fertility Treatment & Work

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We share ways to navigate & balance work and career with infertility or fertility treatments. Hear from other patients about things that have worked for them. Understand more about the impacts of stress on fertility, and the ways that fertility logistics will impact work, and vise versa.
Population Specific Courses

Fertility for Patients of East Asian Heritage

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In this course we cover the basics of fertility treatment (e.g. timed intercourse, oral medication, IUI, and IVF) as well as success rates and treatment nuances for women, couples and patients of East Asian heritage. We also highlight concepts and data as it pertains to acupuncture and mental health.

Fertility For Lesbian Women Becoming Moms

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This is a course for those with a uterus who may identify as queer, lesbian, bisexual, or otherwise partnered with someone of the same sex. We cover issues like selecting a sperm donor, doing an at-home insemination, or using a fertility doctor for IUI, IVF, or using reciprocal IVF together with a partner.

Becoming a Single Mother

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Fertility treatments, adoption and foster for solo mothers by choice.

Trans Masculine Fertility

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Guide to fertility for trans men covering fertility impact of hormonal transition with testosterone, fertility preservation steps to consider before transitioning, and reproductive options for trans men from de-transitioning and conceiving naturally to IUI, IVF, or third party reproduction like donor eggs or surrogacy.

Trans Feminine Fertility

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Fertility guide for transfeminine people who were assigned male at birth. Covering how gender transition impacts fertility (including hormones like estrogen HRT & gender affirming surgery), fertility preservation strategies, and reproductive options for trans women. Resiliency & advocacy. Personal stories from trans women.

Fertility for Black Families

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Black women and couples often have unique fertility challenges and in this course we'll address the more common underlying issues, ways in which they can be managed, rates of treatment success and the how IVF can be optimized to improve outcomes.

Surrogacy For Gay Dads: An Introduction

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Introducing the major decisions a gay couple or single man need to make to become fathers. We cover the costs of everyone involved, an intro to finding an egg donor & surrogate or gestational carrier, how state laws differ for gay and single dads, pros and con of twins, and finding a clinic as a gay or single man.


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Breaking down all the data and information on what endometriosis is, how to best diagnose it, and what the best treatment is depending on who you are

Male Factor Infertility

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Male factor infertility impacts anywhere between a third and half of a couple's difficulty in conceiving. The primary factors often end up being related to varicocele or some form of azoospermia. While a semen analysis can help characterize if there is an issue, the test can be inconsistent, difficult to interpret.

Fertility for Patients of South Asian Heritage

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We cover the basics of fertility treatment (e.g. timed intercourse, oral medication, IUI and IVF) as well as studies, nuance and subjects that particularly pertain to women, couples and patients of South Asian heritage.

Fertility for Patients of LatinX Heritage

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In this course we cover "natural" conception, IUI, IVF, how success rates differ for LatinX patients as well as the impact of male factor, PCOS and environmental exposures (e.g. pesticides, BPAs).
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